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Are you happy? So you made it, you got the corner office, but are you truly happy? Did your pursuit of happiness come at the expense of your peace of mind and your physical health? Do you wonder if your current daily routine you ever be truly happy? It’s time to stop, think, evaluate your stresses of your daily grind, take a week to educate yourself on how to be healthy and happy and both body and mind.

Dr. Gaziano offers lectures luncheons and seminars on stress management in the workplace. These programs focus on self-assessment, improve work efficiency, stress management and anger management, all issues that interfere with the work life balance.

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Presently Dr. G offers a teambuilding stress management retreat in Costa Rica.

Join us on for WelWelWel transformative 6-day Costa Rican nature retreats. We want to save you from your near burn out, fly you nonstop to Costa Rica, everything will be taken care of. We just need your commitment to change.

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