Ultimate Health & Happiness Awaits!

Costa Rican Nature Emerson

Are you happy?  So you made it, you got the corner office, but are you truly happy?  Did your pursuit of happiness compromise your peace of mind, coupled with your physical health?  Do you wonder that given your current, daily routine, if you will ever reach true happiness?  It’s time to stop, think, evaluate the stresses within your daily grind, take a week to educate yourself on how to be healthy and happy with both body and mind.


Join us at the WelWelWel 6 day Costa Rican Transformation Retreat; fly nonstop to the resort with all expenses included. Our commitment to helping you find health and happiness is entwined with your commitment to change.


Prior to Transformation:

  • 4 weeks – participants will receive an extensive mental and physical intake questionnaire
  • 3 weeks – participants will meet with Dr. Gaziano at his Wicker Park office to complete a history and physical and lab work
  • 2 weeks – Life Transformation & Goal Setting Cocktail Party in Chicago
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