Gen Z’s need a new drug


Its alarming how fast E cigarettes caught on in junior high and high schools, the numbers are spiking up dramatically in 2018 almost doubling in rate.  The use of tobacco products is also starting to rise sharply among the youth.  The American Heart Association says that nicotine is about as hard heroin to quit.  With all these new nicotine addicts,it is only natural that some of them will go on to tobacco products .


I have seen the results of tobacco addiction in my practice through the years. I have had to tell patient they have throat and lung cancer, taking care of smoker with stroke or heart attack, I take care in my office patients with debilitating chronic lung disease, emphysema.


Being addicted to nicotine you are 4 times per likely to consume tobacco products.  My 20 years being the physician I seen the difficulty in get people of cigarettes another nicotine products. One needs to consider all this before you start vapping , is not something to take lightly


I have some advice to Gen Z in junior high and high school right now, there is a performer in the 80s who I can spread some wisdom he said it like this. Its Huey Lewis  and the News, his vers goes like this


I want new drug

One that won’t make me sick , one that will be make me crash my car…one that won’t make me nervous… One that makes me feel when I’m alone with you

Gen Zers , let’s get a new drug, not nicotine, okay Zer’s lets take Huey’s advice , get a new drug, a natural high when you connect with someone perhaps , not nicotine.

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